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A company focused on improving immunity , gut health , wellness through mixing and milling of herbs and spices that can be used in your daily food preparation.

The plan is to help every individual create food with fresh , environmentally friendly and locally sourced ingredients that are seasonal and simple to cook.


To have Aurveda products on pantry shelves globally through its distribution and retail partners so that everyone can benefit from the lost wisdom of eating simple and eating local.

The Story behind Aurveda

Aurveda was conceptualised and created by co-founders who are originally from India but have spent the last 20 years of their lives in Australia. They have been brought up with the wisdom of Ayurveda , Naturopathy and ancient traditions of eating to heal and nourish themselves but lost the story in the modern world of diets and supplements.

When one of them was diagnosed with IBS , leading to Colitis she was devastated to know that she could not lead a normal life because of the restrictions on food and the inability to travel freely was the biggest drawback , despite the constant and heavy doses of immunosuppressants.

That is when she decided to go back to her traditions and returned to India for a few months to try the natural process of healing through a mix of food and spices that are known for their healing powers when mixed in the right proportions and consumed with the right kind of food and oils.

She returned to Australia healed and healthy but a changed person . She started looking around her more consciously at the people , the food they were consuming , the food that was available and health problems and life style diseases they were suffering. The entire focus seemed to be on weight loss rather than gaining health .

That observation and the passion to share the ancient wisdom in the form of simple , easy to cook food with the right blend of spices and oils brought about the creation of Aurveda.

Gut imbalance is the key to any kind of life style diseases prevalent today and popping probiotics or prebiotics is not the cure.

How you eat and what you eat is the at the heart of your mind , body and souls well being and Aurveda starts you on that journey of wellness and happiness.

The founders are a group of serial entrepreneurs who have successfully started and run businesses in education and training across the globe and they want to bring Aurveda food , spices , herbs and recipes to Australia because of their passion for natural , environmentally sustainable food practices to their adopted country.

Australia provides the best fresh food produce along with diversity within the acceptable radius of food miles . To eat local and fresh according to your individual circumstances and body composition is the key to good health and its only side effect is a flat stomach.

Help relieve problems of bloating, acidity, BP

So we invite you and your family on this journey of well being and great health with us. It is a guarantee that you will not regret it because the glow on your face and the spring in your step will say it all.